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MBA PS (Energy Management): Overview

India, the biggest economy in the world has an approximate per capita energy consumption of 23.36 GJ excluding traditional biomass use and the energy intensity of the Indian economy is 0.2332 Mega Joules per INR (56 kcal/INR). Policies and efforts are being made towards a positive growth of the country, with commitments in International platforms. Evidently MBA with a specialization in Energy management transforms individuals into professionals by imbibing into them the techno commercial skillsets such that they can add value & contribute to the relevant verticals. Few among many such verticals being Audit, Power Trading, Green Building, Consulting, Marketing, Sustainability, CSR, Microfinance.

The Energy Management Department of Master of Business Administration in Public Systems Programme (MBA-PS) initiated way back in the year 1993, now has a well-equipped laboratory with a number of electrical and mechanical energy measuring equipment for conducting Energy Audit, possible even in the hard-core process industries

The Department set up an “Energy Club”, following recommendations made in an ESCAP-sponsored international training programme, within the Institute, in 2001. The club meets regularly, with a need to implementing energy conservation methodologies in real life situations and to impart a momentum to the process of Energy Management and Energy Awareness Programme in the country.

A Green House Gas Accounting Cell (EGHGAC) was established at IISWBM on January 6, 2005 in partnership with Energy Wise India (EWI) – a project of USAID. The mission of the Cell is to establish a permanent entity that can encourage industrial energy efficiency and promote awareness and reduction of Green House Gas emission by providing sustainable services to the industry in the eastern region of India.

Since 1993 the PG Programme in Energy Management, now (since 2009) upgraded to Master Degree in Energy Management by Calcutta University, has carried out more than 21 industrial energy conservation consultancy projects, about 200 energy studies and a number of industry visits and reports. More than 00 energy management post-graduates have come out of the programme since 1993 and many are serving key positions in public and private sector companies, pursuing higher studies / research in home and other countries such as Japan, Thailand, UK, USA and Germany – such as IGES of Japan, Ecofys of the Netharlands, Cyprus, Cambridge, Coventry and Kassel University in Europe. The illustrious Alumni showcases the relevance and importance of such a course in today’s fast evolving market. We look forward to Industry-Institute and Institute-Institute joint activities in the areas of Energy Management. For more information visit

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