Membership Benefits



AEE members receive complimentary subscriptions to leading edge professional publications including,

      • Energy Engineering Journal
      • Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment
      • Cogeneration and Distributed Generation
      • International Journal of Green Energy
      • Sustainable Facility Magazine
      • AEE Energy Insight
      • Energy, Power, Facilities Newsletter (EFPN)




AEE sponsors numerous continuing education seminar and conference programs across the country. Members typically receive a $100 discount off of the non-member registration rate for these programs.

For a listing of upcoming programs, please visit : Shows & conferences   and  Seminars

AEE members also receive a 15% discount on reference books offered through the AEE book catalog and through the Online Bookstore.

These discounts add up and can more than offset your membership dues.




Each year, AEE polls its members on vital issues impacting the energy, facility management, utility, environment, and power industry. As an AEE member, you will be able to submit your opinion on industry matters. Results of the survey, such as Salary Survey, AEE Member Opinion Survey, Energy Services Survey, along with the Cogeneration & Competitive Power Institute Survey, are published in issues of the member publication AEE Energy Insight .The complete survey is distributed to corporate members. These surveys reflect how the industry is changing and keeps members abreast of important trends



In order to take a more active role in providing members with increased job opportunities, AEE has established an online job Center . Here, you can view various job postings, which are continuously being updated. If you are seeking qualified candidates, we invite you to post your job opportunity in the Job Center.




AEE has teamed-up with various suppliers to offer its members special discounts and access to information services. Please contact the vendor directly to sign-up for their program and for any special terms and conditions




AEE gives special recognition both to individuals and companies who have demonstrated notable contributions to the profession and exceptional service to the Association. This recognition is awarded on the local, regional, and international levels. Awards are given in these major categories:

      1. Energy Engineer of the Year
      2. Corporate Energy Management
      3. Energy Professional Development
      4. Energy Manager of the Year
      5. Energy Project of the Year: National
      6. Energy Project of the Year: International
      7. Renewable Energy Project of the Year
      8. Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year
      9. Young Energy Professional of the Year




The Energy Managers’ Hall of Fame recognizes individuals for their lifetime achievements in promoting both the practices and principles of energy management. A permanent display indicating all Hall of Fame honorees will be in place at AEE world headquarters. Each person admitted to the Hall of Fame receives an award — usually presented at an AEE convention — signifying the individual’s particular accomplishments.




Undergraduate scholarship assistance is provided through the Foundation of the Association of Energy Engineers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education in energy and management. To date, the Foundation has awarded a total of $450,000 in funds for use by outstanding students. To apply for a scholarship, your request must first be sent to your local chapter for consideration.


Some other reasons why you ought to join the AEE are as follows:


  1. You will gain access to vital industry-specific information that keeps you fully up-to-date (specimen copies are available on request).
  2. You will participate in an organization that recognizes outstanding professional achievements through awards and industrial programs.
  3. You will benefit from exposure to new ideas, technologies, and services at AEE’s programs and expos. At reduced rate than normal.
  4. You would be given 15% discount on purchase of selected publications of AEE on Power Plant management issues.
  5. You would have an easy access to the Energy Club, Kolkata – the only club of its kind in India.